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Our Muay Thai and Boxing programs provide several different types of class levels for people new to the sport, through advanced and seasoned students with competition or professional aspirations. The boxing classes at Edge are targeted at those looking to further their Muay Thai skills through focused coaching, introductory footwork and movement drills, all while getting a fantastic whole body workout. Fill out the form below to get more information including schedule of classes and our complete training plan price options.

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About Muay Thai & Boxing

Muay Thai was developed from the ancient fighting styles of the Thai region that were used for self defense. This fighting style utilizes knee and elbow strikes, as well as punches and kicks. Muay Thai also encopasses standup grappling situations from a position commonly known as the clinch. This style differs from American kickboxing because of the use of elbows, knees, and the clinch position. These key differences also provide a more realistic approach to self defense training and a vigorous full body workout. Our Boxing classes supplement the Muay Thai program to improve a student’s understanding of the basics of striking. These classes focus on footwork, strategy, and striking accuracy; all while developing cardiovascular fitness.

We offer multiple levels of classes for students ranging from beginners to elite fighters. Conditioning classes feature a mix of basic technique and physical “cardio” endurance training. There is little or no contact. Beginner classes focus on learning Muay Thai techniques, including some light clinch work, light sparring drills, and pad work. There is no combative sparring at this level. Advanced level classes are focused on high level technique and feature clinch sparring, advanced pad work, and supervised sparring.

Meet Our Instructors

The Edge Muay Thai and Boxing instructors are professional coaches who are at the top of their levels in both disciplines, not to mention they are outstanding motivators and technicians as well. All of Edge’s instructors provide world class coaching, as well as a goal oriented approach that all our students benefit from. Click on the instructor’s picture below to learn more about them.combative sparring at this level. Advanced level classes are focused on high level technique and feature clinch sparring, advanced pad work, and supervised sparring.

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Edge Hoboken Muay Thai Review

“Before I started training at Edge, I had always felt that I was never great at anything. Little did I know, back then, that it wasn't a lack of talent. It was more of a lack of perseverance. I am nowhere near "great" at muay thai, but going to class consistently has shown me that working hard and putting in the time beats everything else. I have since applied that to other aspects of my life.”

Justine Agbayani - Student

Benefits of Training Muay Thai at Edge Hoboken

Here are the top five reasons the set Edge Hoboken’s Muay Thai and Boxing program apart from the rest.

Convenient class times.

We have afternoon, evening and weekend classes to accommodate your schedule.

Range of Levels.

Our Muay Thai and Boxing program accommodate beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes. Our beginner program focuses on building your familiarity with the foundations of Muay Thai, terminology of the sport, and comfortable in a group training environment. We want to make this fun, yet productive. Students progress through the levels at their own rate.

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Relaxed and fun atmosphere.

We do not follow strict traditional martial arts discipline routines, we want our classes to be fun, engaging and productive. The problem with most exercise programs is that they are not fun so you don’t stick with it. In our Muay Thai classes you will continue to learn and get a great workout while stimulating your mind.

Muay Thai classes

Self Defense.

Learning and conditioning are great traits to a training program, but combine that with an applicable use of self defense, fulfilling our core human desire to defend ourselves, you have a recipe for success. Most of our students see their confidence rise as a result of knowing they can defend themselves if needed. They walk a little taller.

Our Adult program is progressive and fun

Great Facility.

We have one of the most beautiful training environments on the East Coast; a co-working clubhouse, wall to ceiling windows providing ample light, thirty foot ceilings all make for an open space. Beautiful showers make it easy for you to head to work or to dinner right after class.

Edge Hoboken Muay Thai