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Italian Wrestling Master, Liuzzi, Clinic Wednesday 10/19

Sticks. I use sticks to train my athletes in finding their timing and reacting, downblocks, and hand eye coordination. The goal is to make their reaction to a leg attack an automatic response. To take....


How to Wrestle on Top with Ernie Monaco

Ernie Monaco, Coach to over 100+ High School State Champions, shows you where to place your weight while in the top position. Youth and high school wrestlers often miss these small but critical detai....


How Dillon Danis used a single leg and didn’t let go

Jiu Jitsu athletes using wrestling as a method to better their ground game is becoming more prominent in the world of mixed martial arts. Dillon Danis showed exceptional wrestling prowess this past Sa....


UFC Star on how to Find a Fighters Mindset

We all know that a lot goes into training to be a fighter. Hours of practice every day, a strict schedule and even stricter diet, and a lot of sacrifice is the first thing that comes to mind. In order....


Edge Hoboken Fall Schedule for Kids Wrestling: Edge Kids

The fall season is built around 2 days of highly technique based wrestling per week. We will focus on individual growth, and improving the fundamentals of scoring points. Check below for more details.....


Coaches Corner: Day one to the NCAA

Guiding a wrestler from their first day to year one is my favorite process in this sport. We are fortunate to have worked with over 500 first day athletes. Through this experience we developed a syste....