Steve Bosak

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State College, PA

First Wrestling/Boxing/Muay Thai Experience:
Wrestled 20+ years, Division I for Cornell

Why Martial Arts/Wrestling?
Wrestling is a sport where you can truly test your limits, find your breaking point, pick yourself back up, and then learn where you can improve and push harder the next time around. This is an invaluable insight for life and about yourself.


College Accolades
NCAA Champion, 3x All-American

Amateur/Professional Fighting career recap and record:

Classes Taught at Edge:
Edge Adults, Edge High School

Coaching/instructing Philosophy:
Helping the student recognize where they can push themselves

Why Train at Edge if you are prospective student:
Edge is the perfect place to train for Wrestling, Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ because you're exposed to a variety of coaches that specialized in different skills that brought them success. Chances are that many of these will work for you.

What does being a coach/instructor at Edge mean to you?
Coaching at Edge allows me to stay involved with a sport that provided me with so much. I've also had countless people guide me in my life, and I’d like to think by coaching here I'm doing the same for others.

Hobbies off the mat or anything else you want people to know?:
I'm an aspiring professional spikeball player, in a Hoboken Skee Ball league, I attempt and fail at the guitar, read a lot of non-fiction books and watch documentaries.

A student should ask me about ________ If they want expert insight/technique/info on______:
Managing peak performance / How to prepare for a big match or tournament.