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Kids need Sports. Give them Wrestling. Donate Today.

Join me in empowering urban youth through the sport of Wrestling. Help the kids of Beat the Streets build character, resilience, and find goals that improve their lives.

If I didn't grow up in Dexter where we had a thriving wrestling club I wouldn't have chosen not to go to parties in high school. I wouldn't have learned to work hard. I would't have understood the importance of education. I wouldn't have had the confidence to chase after a dream.

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$49,552 of $50,000 goal raised.

Lets fix my hair to give Kids Wrestling.

Your Donation Doubles Today. $1 gets matched to be $2.

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For 10+ years Beat the Streets has mentored kids through the sport of wrestling and given them the chance to build character and confidence and live healthier lives. Beat the Streets programs gave access to these lessons to five thousand two hundred kids this years. Supporting over 208 wrestling sites. There are still millions of kids without access to the sport. Help me grow these programs. Donate today and your impact will be doubled.

What is Beat the Streets and how does it change kids lives?

Beat the Streets brings access to life lessons through wrestling to underserved kids. Many of us grew up with sports programs in our town and we took having access to those programs for granted; being able to play sports was something every kid got to do. That was a fallacy as in Americas urban cores’ millions of kids don’t have access to sports to learn the life lessons we all love; team work, camaraderie, character development. These kids miss out on the chance to learn goal setting, hard work, determination simply because they live in a community where sports are not provided. Beat the Streets brings wrestling to these inner city communities so kids don’t miss the chance to learn life lessons.

Through the impact of BTS (100% of mentored kids in Philly graduate on time, 77% of at risk NYC Jr League kids improved academic confidence) we are able to open doors to create afterschool, community center and in school programming to teach life lessons. The vehicle used to do this? Wrestling. Help me expand opportunities for kids to wrestle, help me support the programs and coaches that bring positive change to these kids lives. Help us better mentor kids in their communities.

My passion is changing the way wrestling impacts kids lives. Here we have an opportunity to make a major impact. All I have to do is cut my ugly hair.

Please donate to help raise the funds to support adding opportunities for life lessons through better programs. If we raise $50k I will cut my hair on Facebook LIVE.

Every donation will be matched 1 to 1; for every dollar donated two will go towards building out support for the programs of Beat the Streets. If you donate $1000, $2000 will be donated. I believe in this so much I just made a significant donation. Please join me in donating.

Your donation is doubled. How will it make an impact?

 Last week I visited an amazing program in Central Falls, Rhode Island, part of Beat the Streets Providence. They were driven by passion for bringing wrestling to the kids in their community and in that process touched the lives of 100 kids each year. Their heart, love and personal money went into that program so the kids didn’t have to pay a dollar. Eugene desperately needs resources to make his program last. Your donation will help us directly support Eugene and other coach mentors like him nationwide. You will be giving our coaches and leaders the tools they need to make an impact on kids forever.

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"Beat the Streets National has been a huge resource for our program in Chicago, giving us the tools we need to make a big impact on the kids in our communities.. Jeff, I'll donate to see that thing on your head get cut."

Mike Powell, Director Beat the Streets Chicago

About Beat the Streets National

Beat the Streets cultivates youth development in underserved communities by encouraging a desire for excellence, respect, teamwork, leadership, integrity, and perseverance through the instruction of quality wrestling programs.

Together with your support, BTS strives to enhance young men and women’s lives in school, sports and the community. Beat the Streets national currently supports 4 cities nationally; Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia and is looking to expand it support in 2018. Applicant cities include Milwaukee, Baltimore and Providence. Beat the Streets National builds out support for these programs in the form of best practices, shared knowledge, advocacy and acts as a resource for education and is working with these programs to to help develop better youth development coaching models. Learn more about Beat the Streets.

Beat the Streets is a strong partner of USA Wrestling, Wrestlings National Governing Body in the United States. For more on USA Wrestling learn here.