Bobby Jordan

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First Wrestling/Boxing/Muay Thai Experience:
Getting headlocked during my first wrestling practice and hating the feeling of losing, but I fell in love with the sport and didn’t look back.

Why Martial Arts/Wrestling?
The results are entirely dependent on what you put into your training. The sport can be unforgiving and allows only yourself to be responsible for the outcome.

Johnson and Wales University
Bachelor of Science - Accounting

College Accolades
Third All Time in College Wins at 146
2x NCAA All-American (7th, 2017) (3rd, 2019)
4x NCAA Qualifier
4x Conference Finalist
3x Conference Champ
7th in NJ High School States (2014)
2x Region 5 Champion

Amateur/Professional Fighting career recap and record:

Classes Taught at Edge:
High School & Adult: Wrestling Foundations & Wrestling for Intermediate/Advanced Athletes

Coaching/instructing Philosophy:
Breaking down the in between from point A to point B, positioning and understanding of each movement and it’s function of a move.

Why Train at Edge if you are prospective student:
You’re given the chance to train with All-Americans at every level- all from different backgrounds and programs. You’re able to absorb different philosophies and essentially pick and choose from your coaches what techniques and methodologies work best to your game.

What does being a coach/instructor at Edge mean to you?
It allows me to develop close relationships with the athletes and understand each of their styles and strengths; building long term game plans to develop them into a well rounded combatant.

Hobbies off the mat or anything else you want people to know?:
Lover of Chess, vinyl records, and thrift shopping

A student should ask me about ________ If they want expert insight/technique/info on______:
Shot defense if they want expert insight on mat wrestling