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Each of us has our reasons for training in martial arts. As each athlete is an individual, your skill sets may need specific attention. The more advanced your training program, the more customized your skillset. Whether you are a beginner looking to build your martial arts foundation in a comfortable one on one setting, or a skilled competitor looking to attain the next level of proficiency private lessons will be beneficial.

Private lessons at Edge Hoboken are available for anyone looking to improve their Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, or BJJ skills. These lessons are tailor made to fit your goals, whether you are a beginner BJJ athlete who wants to add some wrestling skills to your arsenal, or a wrestler curious about learning striking techniques. Our coaches will help you develop the skills needed to take your performance to the next level because they themselves have extensive experience in the discipline they are teaching.

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Mitch Finesilver: Olympic Hopeful 2024

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What Our Private Students Say

What is your foundation in martial arts, Why did you choose to do private lessons?

I started with the art of Jeet Kune Do which is Bruce Lee's art form. I chose to do private sessions because I wanted to learn wrestling at a faster rate. I did a little bit of wrestling so I felt this would be the fastest way to grow.

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What benefits of training privately have you seen?

I have seen what my current faults are and really focusing on subtle details that otherwise I would look over. Eventually with time I can see these details but it'll be a while down the road. With private training these faults are exposed at an early stage which allows me to try and plug those holes in my game early. The sooner I plug the holes the better, then I can advance at a faster rate.

How do private lessons supplement your training in class?

"With the skills worked on in the private training I can immediately apply it in class. Once applied during live training I can get a better feel of timing, pressure foot placement and other factors that make the move effective. This in turn helps me understand new moves more rapidly. " Toheeb Ashrobi, Amateur Athlete

If you were to talk to a friend considering to start Private Lessons, what one piece of advise would you offer?

Bring a pen and paper and write what you can remember in the private session.
- Toheeb Ashorobi

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