Sal Mastriani

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First Wrestling/Boxing/Muay Thai Experience:
I was 8 years old and I went to go watch my friend wrestle at a tournament. After being in that environment it was something I was interested in and signed up the next year.

Why Martial Arts/Wrestling?
It’s truly a rewarding sport in my in my opinion, more rewarding than most. It’s the type of sport that requires a higher level of mental toughness, physical toughness and emotional toughness. It’s a sport where you get what you put in. You go out and compete on your on own where you win or lose on your own. It teaches you responsibility, accountability and discipline. It’s a sport for only a small percentage people and being part of that small percentage is something to be proud about.

Virginia Tech
B.A. Public Relations

College Accolades
D1 All American -ACC finalist

Amateur/Professional Fighting career recap and record:

Classes Taught at Edge:
Adult Wrestling & High School Wrestling

Coaching/instructing Philosophy:
My philosophy is to help build up athletes to better themselves in all aspects in life. To also help develop them to push past what they think they are capable of. To do that they have to be pushed and tested mentally and physically which will allow them to help reach their full potential.

Why Train at Edge if you are prospective student:
It’s a great environment for wrestlers to come in to improve themselves to reach their goals. There are plenty of resources and coaches who are enthusiastic about the athletes that come in and want to be pushed to get better.

What does being a coach/instructor at Edge mean to you?
Being a coach is something I truly enjoy. I have dedicated a lot of life to this sport and I want to share and pass on my knowledge and experiences. It’s a privilege to work with wrestles and help them to reach their goals, it is truly a rewarding feeling.

Hobbies off the mat or anything else you want people to know?:
Outdoors/ Archery -is something I’m very into. It’s similar to wrestling with the discipline and concentration that is required. It also requires a lot of time and repetition. And just to be outside around nature is also a great experience.

A student should ask me about ________ If they want expert insight/technique/info on______:
High C Offense. Front Headlocks.