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We offer one of the only adult wrestling programs in the NYC or North Jersey area, with individuals from every walk of life including: former athletes, professionals, college students, artists, law enforcement, men and women, full-time Jiu Jitsu competitors, MMA fighters, and casual practitioners from 18 to over 50 years old. As the goals of each student varies, we help tailor your training to meet your goals.

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5 Reasons why our students love Wrestling at Edge

Different classes and levels of training

Every individual that comes in our doors has a different set of goals and level of experience. We have created our program so that each student can progress towards their individual goals. A beginner who is working towards getting in the best shape of their life needs different training and coaching compared to a competitive wrestler. With this in mind, we offer two levels of practices: Beginner/Intermediate and Pro Practice. On top of this, we specialize in three different types of wrestling: wrestling for MMA / Jiu Jitsu, Folk-Style or Collegiate ( NCAA ) wrestling, and Freestyle ( Olympic ).

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Coaches and Students

We have founded and built our reputation in New Jersey that is now World renown. Not only have our coaches competed and won at the levels of state championships, NCAA Titles and All American Honors, but our students have competed and won at even higher levels. This speaks directly to our progressive training system that through systematic progression can take you from your first day wrestling to world class athlete. We are continuously innovating to keep all of our athletes improving and learning, no matter their level.

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Edge School of Wrestling

We belong to the famous wrestling lineage of the Edge School of Wrestling, which was the first private wrestling club in the United States. Our program was modeled after the success of the privatization of other sports training programs that produced world champions for the United States, and our curriculum is developed based on proven technical principles. The Edge School of Wrestling is an exclusive group that houses one of the world’s best coaching programs, where all schools have an owner / instructor who has trained under the system themselves. While comparing Edge to other programs remember wrestling schools are not a commodity where one school is the same as another.


Our program is not for everyone. In wrestling, there are two distinct styles within America. We combine the best from both worlds, from a technical and physical standpoint. There are no shirtless meatheads shouting at you when you miss a practice. Everyone is respected at the same level, no matter your skill set or fitness. While we strive to coach at a professional level, but our instruction and system speaks for itself in the form of results. In our Adult wrestling program, we work to be a community of new and former athletes, that have fun striving to reach our full potential.

Facility and Location

One thing most wrestling rooms have in common is the signature musk contained by cinder block walls. This is not our facility. Our facility was designed by renowned architects, and decorated on the Bravo and HGTV Show, Home By Novogratz. One of the first things our students notice is the skyline of Manhattan, and the motivating sunlight coming through the full walls of windows. This UV light also helps keep our facility free of odors and bacteria. We have a full steam sauna, changing rooms with cubbies, and high end tile and glass showers, and a co-working clubhouse loft + lounge . We are located on the south side of Hoboken, less than a mile from Downtown Jersey City, 5 minutes from the light rail and a 7 minute walk from the Hoboken Path terminal (train from NYC).

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"Awesome training at Edge Wrestling. 20 Years later and I'm picking up new wrestling tips. Thanks Dave Esposito."

Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman, UFC Title Contender, NCAA Division One Wrestler

Meet Our Instructors

While our instructors were national and state champion caliber athletes in their careers, they are also professional coaches who are passionate about wrestling. They work to ensure you are always learning and improving towards your goals. Our history and reputation is built on world class instruction, and these individuals hold themselves to this standard every day, in every class.

Sal Mastriani

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Elmer Fajardo

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Colin Navickas

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Dave Esposito

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Victor Mocco Jersey City Wrestling

"Probably the most eclectic gym you will find. If you want to learn one aspect of MMA, or the whole gambit, no place draws on a wider variety of expert instructors than the Edge. Usually small enough groups to get personal attention. Very up and coming. Not your typical sweaty impersonal NYC gym. Especially excellent in wrestling for all ages."

Victor Mocco

3 Reasons Why People Love Wrestling

Our Adult program is progressive and fun

It is designed for beginners, professional fighters, jiu jitsu practitioners, or pure wrestlers Before we started our Adult Wrestling program in 2011, outside of collegiate and Olympic training, there was no option for adults in the NYC and North Jersey area who wanted to get better at wrestling. It was difficult to learn to wrestle or stay involved in the sport after school sponsored programs ended. While our Pro Practices offer a level of training and intensity similar to university or Olympic wrestling programs, the majority of our athletes are either new to wrestling, Jiu Jitsu practitioners, or MMA fighters looking to build on their current skill set. We also have a great group of former wrestlers looking for a fun way to get fit again. A program is developed to keep you safe while having fun, progressing and getting healthy. We aim to bring back the feeling of that high school sports team you were once a part of. Re-find that glory, welcome home.

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Wrestling is an essential component of any serious self defense training

Military and Police are continually in a position which they must defend themselves and others. Many law enforcement officers were even wrestlers. Our program brings the option to have the confidence both wrestling knowledge and being in wrestling shape brings back into your life.

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Nothing gets you in shape like wrestling

Have you heard a wrestler say that before? Wrestling is one of the most effective ways to get a quick intense workout in that builds strength, increases heart rate, and improves coordination and flexibility. Our Adult Program is designed to increase mobility and make your body feel better day to day as you build your new healthy foundation. All while having fun!

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