Colin Navickas

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First Wrestling/Boxing/Muay Thai Experience:
Attending open rooms at Fountain Valley High School the summer before high school.

Why Martial Arts/Wrestling?
My parents put me in martial arts as a kid to help get me out of my shell, but I was introduced to wrestling when I was going into high school. I stuck with it because I enjoyed the fast pace and strategic challenges.

Stevens Institute of Technology
Class of 2017
Bachelors of Biomedical Engineering
Volunteer Assistant Coach

College Accolades
NCAA All American - 4th

Amateur/Professional Fighting career recap and record:

Classes Taught at Edge:
Edge Kids, Edge Adults

Coaching/instructing Philosophy:
My coaching philosophy focuses on helping kids develop a strong understanding of fundamental positioning and wrestling tactics in order to prepare them for success in high school and college.

Why Train at Edge if you are prospective student:
At Edge we want your child to have fun learning a new skill, building friendships, and pushing themselves to new levels. We take a long-term view of wrestling and see it as a tool to develop character, instill a lifelong habit for physical activity, and (once ready) inspire the competitive spirit.

What does being a coach/instructor at Edge mean to you?
Being a coach gives me to opportunity to pass down the knowledge I've acquired over my martial arts career to the next generation of wrestlers.

Hobbies off the mat or anything else you want people to know?:
Always seeking new experiences.

A student should ask me about ________ If they want expert insight/technique/info on______:
Wrestling resources / how to find secret wrestling knowledge