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Here at Edge Hoboken we believe in providing flexible options for all of our athletes. We do not believe in tying anyone to a contract and we also do not have any sign-up or hidden fees. Your motivation to train here should stem from a desire to learn from (or have your children learn from) some of the best coaches in nation and not because you signed away. We train athletes from all walks of life and have proven our ability to create successful athletes. Whether you are a beginner or a decorated world-class athlete, we have options for you!

If you have not done so, please consider researching more about the programs here at Edge Hoboken prior to enrolling in a membership. We also recommend signing up for a first day training pass if you haven't done so already. The best way to determine if our program is suitable to your needs is by coming in and experiencing it yourself! You cannot gauge the value of our instruction or learning environment with visuals and word alone. If you are unsure which plan works for you hit the contact button in the header above and one of our customer service ninjas will gladly assist you.

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Memberships & Passes

Youth Memberships

Our youth club program is currently on break for the Summer. If you are interested in private lessons, please head over to the contact form located on the upper right hand side of our page.

The club program will return on September 9th, 2024.