Mitch Finesilver: Olympic Hopeful 2024

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Learn About Mitch Finesilver: Olympic Hopeful 2024


First Wrestling/Boxing/Muay Thai Experience:
Going to practice and getting candy at the end if you could do all the tumbling moves

Why Martial Arts/Wrestling?
Because it’s the purest sport, the harder you work the more success you have. It’s a test of sheer will and discipline. It’s the best test for life and if you can survive the hard workouts you can survive anything.

Duke University
B.S. Evolutionary Anthropology

College Accolades
2x state champ
4x NCAA qualifier
ACC Champ
NCAA All-American
European Bronze medalist

Amateur/Professional Fighting career recap and record:

Classes Taught at Edge:
High School, Adult, College & EDGEKIDS (Intermediate/Advanced)

Coaching/instructing Philosophy:
Details win, focus on the small details and you’ll have success.

Why Train at Edge if you are prospective student:
Edge is the perfect environment for consistent growth. A combination of great coaching and a positive practice environment allows for continued improvement.

What does being a coach/instructor at Edge mean to you?
It means developing the future of the sport. I had a coach who had a coach who had a coach who made them fall in love with the sport just as I have. Coaches create longevity in athletes and the good ones do it by truly caring for their athletes.

Hobbies off the mat or anything else you want people to know?:
I love hiking and being outdoors, especially in the summer. I dabble in playing the guitar but I’m really bad, so that’s still a work in progress.

A student should ask me about ________ If they want expert insight/technique/info on______:
Ankle picks or leg riding/getting to ankles or getting turns from top