World Champion Miyao Twins training with The Wrestling Coach

World Champion Miyao Twins training with The Wrestling Coach

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By: Pari Aryafar

The Miyao Brothers have made their way to Hoboken and are training with none other than The Wrestling Coach himself, Jeffrey Marsh, and the rest of the Edge School of Wrestling, Hoboken team including Steve Bosak ( Cornell ) and Scott Giffin ( UPenn ). Paulo and João, two twins that shot to fame over the last few years due to their prestigious wins at competitions such as the Pan Ams and European Open, are now spending their time sharpening their JiuJitsu swords with the tools that Wrestling could offer them.

Coach Jeff and the Unity Jiu Jitsu crew after Wrestling in Hoboken.

The Brazilian brothers originally began their martial arts journey through the path of Judo, before transitioning to Brazilian JiuJitsu. Dedicated and crafty, the two men decided to forego a life of complacency and comfort by having a regular job and followed their dreams by committing to training full-time. It’s apparent that this love has paid off, as both are multiple world champions and have competed at the highest level at every competition a JiuJitsu practitioner would be able to. Not to mention the fact that they opened their own academy across the water in New York City, Unity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school–home to instructor Leandro Lo, who recently won the ADCC West Coast Trials.

Only 25 years old, there is much more for Paulo and João to accomplish, even though they have done everything to set the standard for the new JiuJitsu fighter. Notorious for training up to seven or eight hours a day, their passion spills over to those who around them and students and coaches alike at Edge are eager to learn from the two black belts. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron, and the Wrestling and JiuJitsu programs are expected to benefit drastically with the twins around. What made Paola decide to seek out the best Wrestling team on the East coast? Paola has an upcoming super-fight vs UFC Star and NCAA Wrestler Urijah Faber. 

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