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Hoboken Recreation Wrestling enters it's 7th Season with the support of Leo Pellegrini and Mayor Dawn Zimmer through the City of Hoboken's recreation department. Recreation has partnered with the program and coaches of Edge School of Wrestling to offer a world class experience for your child. You will find that each of our student’s progress matters to us. We are professionals who love working with first year wrestlers. Many of our instructors are full time teachers. Our students excel so quickly because of the individual attention and mentorship they receive. Our goal is to help your son or daughter become the positive young adult you dream for them to be. Through our ‘level’ based wrestling progression we specialize in bringing the full potential out in your student athlete.

Our Level 1 curriculum is built around the needs of first year wrestlers with a strong focus on developing physical literacy, building confidence, and developing an understanding of self control. Level 2 is focused on developing wrestlers into goal oriented individuals through the introduction of on the mat lessons, competition and mentorship. Click below to Register with Hoboken Recreation for Wrestling.

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"My son definitely shows much improved self-confidence, is more athletic and has more self control than before [ wrestling ]. He seems able to handle with more confidence difficult situations. The coaches at Edge [ Hoboken Wrestling ] played a huge role in this growth as they are constantly reinforcing self confidence.."

Benjamin Hubert father to Rohi

Top Five Reasons to get your children started in Hoboken Wrestling

We are different than the Karate, Tae Kwon Do, kung fu and other martial arts in Hoboken and Jersey City.

How? Wrestling is very different from these martial arts. It is the oldest sport in history and has been used to build confidence in the lives of millions of youths across the world. It is also the only of these sports to be contested at the NCAA level where full support and scholarships are offered. We are professionals, most of our instructors are full time teachers, have competed at the youth, high school, and national levels. Our head coach even has his Master’s Degree in Education from Columbia University. We love what we do and it shows.

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Our Program is extremely safe.

Our instructors have over 10,000 hours of mat time combined, and each one has an intense emphasis on safety, respect, and control. We have a fully padded training area, including wall and floor mats.

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We work hard to instill dreams and goals.

Our program is designed to inspire and to excel. That starts with us welcoming you into our program. We have a very friendly and professional approach to wrestling. Many recreation programs start wrestlers competing right from the beginning of their training. We have a tiered approach that finds more long term success than the typical recreation model. Our Level 1 wrestlers ( typically 1-3 seasons of experience ) do not compete. Wrestlers are entered into competition as they progress through our program to have the physical literacy and mental preparation, including confidence, required for competition. Introducing live competition at the right time is key to keeping your wrestler in the sport.

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Kids learn control while developing an athletic base.

Wrestling involves more than just fitness. While some martial arts focus on acrobatics and kicks wrestling requires kids to focus on controlling themselves first, once this is mastered their focus then shifts to controlling their environment. We build balance, motor control, strength, mental toughness, and endurance all through movement. As coordination and confidence improve each child progresses to the next level only when they are ready.

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About Our Instructors

Learn more about the professionals who will train your Hoboken Shark Wrestler.

Viktor Sveda

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"Adrian was introduced to the sport by the PAL President at the time, Bobby Gohde. He encouraged the football team to try out wrestling, and that was the birth of wrestling in Hoboken and in my son's life"

Erika Alvarez mother to Adrian

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